Dark mode on WhatsApp, how to activate it

Now in this time Whatsapp Dark Mode is a feature that has been in the news for quite some time. There was also some UI leaks about it, which talked about the new dark battery saving mode, but nothing has been officially said about this feature yet. Apart from this, the dark mode has also come in all the great apps such as Gmail, Google Chrome and Facebook Messenger. Users are eagerly waiting for this new feature of Whatsapp.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally started the Dark Mode feature for users. Now This feature of WhatsApp has begun appearing in the theme selection option. After selecting this, the colour of your WhatsApp will change completely. The user interface of the app will be in dark green. While chatting, the colour of your choice and chat will appear in the dark mode in the background.


The popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally started Dark Mode feature for users

Three themes will find inside the Theme Settings. These will have the choice of Light Theme, Dark Theme and System Default. While the light theme, you will get a standard theme, i.e. like WhatsApp you have been using already. There is a Dark Mode either Night Mode inside the Dark Theme, for which people have been waiting for a long time.

Following system default, WhatsApp will detect the theme of your smartphone and accordingly, the theme of WhatsApp will be auto-set. The dark mode has given in Android Q. That is, if you are using dark mode, then WhatsApp will also become dark, and if you are using the light theme, then WhatsApp will also become a light theme.

If the Dark Theme is active, every section of WhatsApp will become dark. Dark means blue night colours. At the time, it is not clear when it will be released for all users.

Now Dark mode has come in beta version right now

Let us know that for the time being the dark mode feature of WhatsApp has come for beta users. If you want to activate this, it is necessary to have a beta version of WhatsApp in your phone. The dark Mode has come including the v2.20.13 update of WhatsApp beta. If all of you are also have a beta user, then this feature will be available on the update of this app version. However, if all of you are not a beta user and cannot wait for this feature to appear on normal WhatsApp, then here we are telling you the way of that too.

That is the first way that you can download and use WhatsApp beta v2.20.13 APK from the Internet. However, this is not a safe way. In such type a situation, another way is to download the WhatsApp beta app via connecting to Google play beta tester program.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally started Dark Mode feature for users

How to activate dark mode

  • Now Open the app after downloading the latest beta version of WhatsApp
  • Now Click on the menu icon in the top-right corner
  • Go to Settings and tap on Chats
  • Now you will see the Theme option. From here all of you can select Dark Mode.

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