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Where Does Gold Come From?

  • where does the best gold come from

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Gold, the Mesoamerican culture, was extremely valuable. Particularly the Aztecs believed that gold was actually sweating of the Sun and they can actually pick up the pieces of the sweat of the Sun. It had, of course, a strong spiritual value because the God of Sun was an essential component of the culture. What’s interesting is of course that the gold was not created in the Sun. It has these beautiful properties that you know. It’s shiny is yellow, and it’s natural to assign it to an origin in the Sun, but today one of the biggest mysteries is you know where gold comes from and not only gold but a significant fraction of their very precious elements.

Studying the rock stars

Such as titanium silver where they come that what type of explosive phenomenon can make these heavy elements. Which require probably the most extreme conditions in the universe, the highest densities and the most elevated temperatures to make these elements and the stars, that I’m more interested in are those incredibly luminous rock stars. But they have very short lifetimes and when they die they produce this very very heavy neutron star or black holes.

And, if I take a cup of neutron star matter, it weighs as much as mount Everest the story of the formation of heavy elements are intimately linked to neutrons stars. So one, a very massive star more massive than 20 times the mass of our Sun collapses. In the core the remnant that becomes the neutron star. Its extremely hot and very high densities. So one model is that these elements can be produced in supernova explosions.

Problems in terms of whether or not

The model of neutron star production has encountered lots of problems in terms of whether or not. It can make the necessary conditions I’ve been working on an alternative model that has significantly gained popularity in the past five years, which is a little more extreme. So the ingredients are two neutron stars, and fifty-per cent of stars live in pairs, and they’re orbiting around each other now because these objects are so dense they.

Space and time and when they touch each other that generates billion of degree heat very high density, and they eject mass and. We believe in that ejection they produce about Jupiter mass of pure gold. That is ejected into the external medium, and we think that in fact that maybe the main channel to produce gold and other heavy elements.


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